Add some of her flair to your own routines for superstar shine

If there is anything that we obsess over more than Kacey Musgraves’ music, it’s her individual style. She always appears authentic and approachable – but at the same time – absolutely flawless. She’s come a long way from her early-days career look, dev.nashvilleedit.comeloping into a true cultural fashion icon with ample attention from the media whenever she hits the red carpet. 

Her inventive looks start with her own creativity, much of that stemming from her muses (such as Cher, Dolly Parton, Jerry Hall and other 70’s influencers – plus drag queens!). She’s said more than once that if she hadn’t been a singer, she would have been a makeup artist. We’ve got no doubt about the likelihood that her fame could have climbed in that arena, but then Nashville (and the world) might have missed out on her musical genius. As her star has risen, she has become more and more glamorous in her appearance, including a reveal of a new set of bangs shortly after appearing on our cover. And, of course, she looks amazing with the fringe. 

Skin Matters

Part of the secret is caring for her skin, which is something she considers non-negotiable. Kacey is a big believer of the facials from Karee Hayes in Nashville and using their recommended products. She’s also strict about always taking her makeup off and cleansing prior to bed. She’s also religious in her fitness and wellness regimen, often counting on trainer Erin Oprea to put her through tough Tabata style workouts. She also tries to follow Oprea’s clean eating plan (well, most of the time) from the 4*4 book released last year. When on the road, she packs Pure Barre DVD’s to keep up with her toning routine. She takes zinc to boost immunity and is always packing her Aquaphor lip balm to protect her swoon-worthy lips. 

While she is totally capable of doing her own makeup and ‘closer to heaven’ high hair, these days it is the collaboration of a team of preferred talents that continue to raise the bar when it comes to helping Kacey turn heads every time she hits a carpet, filming set or stage. By collaborating with some of the most creative people in the beauty world, the end result is always magical. We decided to pick up a bit of know-how from her hair and makeup experts on products, tools and tips to try to capture just a bit of that brilliance. 

Products for Glowing Glam

The technique of makeup artist Moani Lee seems more like a magic wand than typical application. Whether it is major film stars or Nashville’s own Miranda Lambert, everything she touches turns to glow. We think her most impressive work is our winter edition cover girl, whether she’s using a partner brand like Maybelline (as she did on Kacey for the CMA awards, attending with supermodel pal, Gigi Hadid), or trusted items from her usual bag of tricks. Here are a few of the things she counts on to get the Golden Hour songbird camera ready time and time again:

Event Essentials

Skin: Tatcha Creams and Mist, Dr. Jart Vital Hydra Solution, Your Skin but Better by IT Cosmetics

Foundation and Highlighter: Pat McGrath Labs (check out the Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo).

Eyes: Pat McGrath Labs and Mac Cosmetics for shadow. Lashes from Daniela Bell Beauty, Boy Brow from Glossier.

Cheeks: Blushes from Bobbi Brown, Charlotte TIlbury, RMS Beauty

Lips: Pat McGrath Labs. They even had a custom shade of the MatteTrance line created to perfectly match her ‘Camp Barbie’ look at the Met Gala. The shade worn on our cover and interior EDIT feature is Forbidden Love. 

Haute Hair 

The master behind Kacey’s sought-after tresses is Giovanni Delgado. From ponytails filled with tinsel to waves that appear shampoo-commercial worthy, he’s always got a plan. It starts with care as Kacey has a lot of hair, and they like to be creative with her crowning glory. As cited her as having the best celebrity hair in entertainment, clearly the genius behind the blow dryer knows exactly how to tame, tease and taunt to please the media and the masses. 

She doesn’t wash her hair that much, but when she does, it is a specific Oribe prescription to keep her hair shiny, soft and in condition. A really heavy conditioner is key.

Styling: Tools from ghd (Good Hair Day), t3 Micro

Products: Of course, this depends on if it’s going to be about a big teased look or long and sleek. Products on rotation are several from Oribe (from gritty texture sprays to Gold Lust Hair Oil), the Lenor Greyl line, R+Co,

To see how her look and style continues to evolve and get more impressive as she tours and performs, follow @spaceyKacey on Instagram. Beauty and brains straight to your feed!