The pros you need to know for looking and feeling top-notch. 

Finding the right professional to take care of your personal needs and appearance isn’t always easy in a bustling city with new transplants arriving daily. We’ve scoured the shops and asked our most stylish friends and celebrities who they consider to be outstanding when it comes to all things grooming. While there is no shortage of superior talent in and around Nashville, these names are on the tops of the most discriminating lists in town. Here’s our round-up of the personalities recognized for raising the bar on personal care in our star-studded city right at the moment. Now you just need to score an appointment.


Makeup Artist: Tarryn Feldman (@tarrynfeldman)

“The Glamour Virtuoso”

This master of makeup is constantly on the road with some of Nashville’s beloved women of country music, working her magic. 

Signature Look: “Definitely a clean and glowy face. I think there’s something about a fresh, clean look that translates well on everyone.”

Must-Have Beauty Products: “Good skincare (Babor, Peter Thomas Roth, Rodial), tinted moisturizers with at least 35 SPF, brow gel (Boy Brow), lash boost (GrandeLash), a good nude (Nude Envie), and all things Tom Ford!”

Best Beauty Hack: “Best beauty hack… well, things I know to be true—wash your face, a wipe isn’t enough. Hemorrhoid cream works to take the puffy eyes down. Using coffee grounds to exfoliate in the shower is awesome!”


Makeup Artist: Isabella Rosalen (@theisarosa)

“Male Grooming Magician”

Because men deserve to look and feel their best, too. 

Where Have We Seen Your Work? “Being based out of Nashville I’ve worked with a lot of musicians like Brett Young, Jason Isbell, John Prine, Dave Cobb, Morgan Evans, Frankie Ballard, and so many others. I love the creativity and drive they put into making music videos, photoshoots and more. Just to be a small part of what they’re creating and working on is an honor and a lot of fun!”

Must-Have Men’s’ Products: “I have a few men’s products I can’t groom without and every man needs in their life! For hair styling products I absolutely love the TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick. It’s a non-greasy wax stick that is amazing for men’s hair—it keeps your hair styled but not greasy or crunchy. This product makes styling your hair easy and comfortable!” 

Most Memorable Job: “My most memorable job would definitely be with singer and songwriter Brandon Jenner. After I did his grooming and he did his interview he took the time to get to know us and our industry. He was hands-down one of the most intelligent, wise, and kind clients I’ve ever gotten to work with.” 

Spray Tans: Joule Schatz (@beautifulbyjoule)

“Goddess of the Sun”

This woman gives anyone the tan of a Tahitian vacation without the damage or exhausting heat. 

Price Range: “I charge $60 per tan.”

Signature Treatment: “All of my clients, celebrity or not, receive the same high-quality treatment. I pride myself on delivering a comfortable and professional experience at each appointment. My tanning solution can be tailored to all skin types. This ensures you’ll have the exact glow you’re looking for.”

Benefits of Spray Tanning: “Being an esthetician, proper skincare is crucial. By providing a sunless tan, you get the benefits of feeling like you’ve been on a vacation to the Bahamas but without the damaging rays of the sun that cause not only premature aging but skin cancer. Also, as my favorite saying goes, ‘If you can’t tone it, tan it!’ Everyone feels better with a glow!”

Lashes: Kayla at SkinMB (@thebeautybabenash)

The Lash Lifter”

Eliminating mascara from a daily routine saves time both in the morning and at night—need we say more? 

Price Range: $125-$150

Signature Treatment: “Lash Lift and Tint. What is a lash lift? It’s like a perm for your lashes without the harmful chemicals. It’s an effective and safe way to enhance your natural lashes to lift, curl and tint them to look like they have mascara on 24/7. Results last 6-8 weeks.”

At Home Lash Tips: “Ladies, stop using just a makeup wipe to remove your makeup! Cleanse your lashes and skin with a cleanser day and night. You will see an improvement in baldness and patches in your lash line. Mascara can hold bacteria on your lash line and if you’re not cleansing properly, it can result in patches and baldness on the lash line.”

Best Products for Supplementing Lashes: “I’ve tried all the lash serums out there and Latisse is hands-down the best. It truly works to grow and thicken your lashes and is safe to use. We carry it at Skin MB and all my clients love it!”


Hair Cuts: Jake Seitchik at Spoke and Weal (@jakeseitchik)

“Ace of Trims” 

As Spoke and Weal Nashville’s master stylist, his vision for cutting hair is unparalleled and his execution is equally as impressive. 

Price Range: “My haircuts are $150. This service price includes a shampoo, blow-dry, haircut (typically done on dry hair), and a finishing style.”

Signature Process: “I have always preferred cutting hair dry, as it allows me to give a more visual, customized haircut to each guest. All Spoke & Weal salons offer great dry cuts, as we do extensive education on this method with our stylists. When the hair is dry, both my client and I can see the exact length, weight, and movement of their hair.”

Your First Haircut Story: “My first haircut out of cosmetology school was when I was an assistant at a salon in Saint Petersburg, Florida. It was a pixie cut. I remember being so uncomfortable charging the woman $30 for a haircut—it seemed too expensive. I’ve come a long way.”

Blowouts: Ali Ryan of The Dry House (@thedryhouseali) and (@thedryhousenashville)

“The Blowout Guru” 

Owner of Nashville staple The Dry House, NYC-trained Ali Ryan’s blowout bar is as unique as our bustling city. She makes it feel homey but upbeat and personally trains all of the stylists so that they’re well-equipped to handle her most famous clients’ hair at a moment’s notice. You’ll see her backstage and on video shoots when not at the shop.

Price Range: $25 for badass braids, $45 for a full blowout experience from anyone on the team. For Ali’s personal services (which also include cuts, color, and on-location styling), the prices are a bit more but well worth it. She is exceptionally fast and produces styles that last for days. Her clients include Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins, Cassie Kelley, Jake Owen and many more.

Signature Look: “The (615)—a good ol’ Southern blowout but with attitude.”

Best Hair Products Out There: “The new Dry House CBD hair oil ‘Higher Class’ and Unite Texturiza Spray.”

Best Way To Make a Blowout Last: “Dry shampoo before bed to prevent sweating in sleep. Putting your hair up in a loose bun on top of your head and using our Dry House satin scrunchies (for sale in the shop) while you sleep helps as well!”

Styling: Carly Rae Coady of Local Honey (@carlyraecoady)

“Styling Superiority”

As one of Local Honey’s top stylists, Carly Rae is busy doing all you can imagine when it comes to hair: teaching, styling, coloring, and cutting. 

Price Range: “For color, prices range from $165-$400 depending on desired goals and steps needed to get there. Haircuts are $95, and my day rate for shoots/weddings is $950.”

Signature Look: “I would say the look and work I gravitate toward is lived-in, natural, dimensional hair. I love to create low-commitment looks that don’t require you to be in the salon every six weeks.” 

At Home Styling Product Essentials: “For shampoo, Oribe Signature, Gold Lust or Bright Blonde Shampoo. For conditioner: Oribe Signature, Gold Lust or Bright Blonde Conditioner as well as Evo’s Fabuloso Toning Conditioners! They have all different shades so ask me or your stylist at Local Honey which one is right for you!” 


Alterations: Jeff Loring of Stitch It & Co (@stitchitandco)

The Tip Top Tailor” 

Because all your clothes should feel tailor-made for you. 

Price Range: “Alterations pricing is particular to each item, so it’s hard to give an exact price range.” 

Typical Alterations: “We offer exclusive alterations for men, women, and children. We do everything from sewing on buttons to couture redesigns. We work with dads, soccer moms, executives, fashion designers, and entertainers.”

How To Care For Tailored Garments: “Always keep garments hung on steady hangers. Knit garments (dresses, trousers, etc.) should be hung over a hanger or folded in a drawer to avoid stretching. I believe the best process for the longevity of your clothing is to steam your garments after each use. This keeps clothing fresh from bacteria and even perhaps insect damage. The simplest method is a hand-held steamer. It’s also great for travel.”


Bespoke Designer: Savannah Yarborough of SAVAS (@savas)

“Couturier of Nashville”

You definitely deserve a leather jacket fit for a rock star. 

Price Range: “Our ready-to-wear ranges from $1,900-$3,500, we offer made-to-measure starting at $2,500 and bespoke starts at $5,000.” 

Signature Silhouette: “The Denham and The Legend jackets.” 

The Bespoke Process: “Our bespoke process is a casual version of traditional Saville Row tailoring. We begin by getting to know our clients and how they want to incorporate the jacket into their wardrobe. Each bespoke jacket is designed in collaboration with the client, materials are sourced for the person, and an individual pattern is created from 30-plus measurements. One to three canvas fittings are required, where the client tries on a fabric mock-up of their design to see and feel the fit as well as the detailing. Once the jacket is finalized, we cut and make each garment in our Nashville studio. Some notable wearers of SAVAS include Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Taylor Lewan, Jack White, and Cassadee Pope. 

Shoe Repair: Trent of Potter & Sons (@potterandsons)

Cobblery Excellence”

Have those red-bottoms seen better days? 

Price Range: “Our prices vary based upon the repair we’re doing. Prices start around $10 or so for a basic shoe shine or women’s high heel tips, and can go upwards of $150 for a very high-end shoe resole using only the finest sole leathers.”

Luxury Brands Repaired: “We refurbish shoe and boot brands such as Allen Edmonds, Lucchese, John Lobb, Edward Green, Ferragamo, and many other brands. We are probably one of the busiest cobbler shops in the state, so we really try to limit ourselves to only doing higher-end shoe restorations. We’ve worked on shoes for quite a few Nashville-based celebrities from fashion models to country music singers.” 


Stylist: Amanda Valentine (@valentimes)

“Maven of Style”

Styling isn’t all Amanda has to offer (try fashion design, too), but we’re glad she does. 

Signature Style: “I call it ‘Gemini Style’—always contrasting something bright with something muted, vintage with sometimes new, high with low.”

Your Career Story: “I first caught the styling bug assisting my brother’s stylist on his first music video, Maroon 5’s ‘Harder to Breathe.’ After learning the ropes in LA, I moved to Nashville and have continued to work on commercials and with artists. Right now I’m focused on LANco, Brett Young and Twenty One Pilots, all of whom I’ve been with for years! When I’m not busy styling, I’m designing collections under my name.”

Closet Staples: “Classic Doc Marten lace-up boots, plenty of bright vintage maxi dresses, perfectly worn vintage tees and obnoxious ‘statement’ pants (I’m coining a new term).”



Hyrdafacialist: Monika of Mokara (@mokaraspanashville)

Hydration Altruist”

Because just drinking water isn’t enough for your skin. 

Price Range: $199-$325

Signature Treatment: Deluxe Hydrafacial ($295)

Technique: “The process starts with a thorough cleansing, followed by the Hydrafacial process which uses a machine equipped with different solution blends. Our guests love to see the “gunk jar” at the end to see everything that’s been cleaned out of their pores! HydraFacial is the absolute best treatment for a majority of our guests because it treats enlarged pores and uneven skin texture, helps delay the aging process, and more.”

Keeping Skin Hydrated at Home: “Vitamin C is imperative to fight environmental pollutants and prevent/combat hyperpigmentation, hyaluronic acid is recommended for all skin types to give the skin a hydration boost, while the collagen cream EGF stimulates collagen production in the skin with growth factor peptides.”

Waxing: Leslie at Anastacia Skin Studio (@wildlybare)

“Wizard of Waxing”

With Leslie’s expertise, your waxing woes will be no more. 

Price Range: “Prices start low in the $20 and $30 range for facial waxing and go up anywhere to $85 for a Brazilian and legs.”

Signature Treatment: “At Anastacia Skin Studio we do full-body waxing along with skincare treatments like facials, dermaplaning and also lash lifts! I love making people feel really comfortable, especially during a service like a Brazilian, because it can be intimidating as hell. It’s fun and fulfilling. Send me all the hairy loves out there!”

Maintenance: “Maintenance for most waxing services is 3-4 weeks.”


Heated Microneedling: Rajni of Elan (@elanskinandlaser)

“The Revitalizer” 

A skincare treatment with benefits that far exceed the cost. 

Price Range: $750 with Hyaluronic Acid, $900 with Core Recovery Complex, and $1,050 with PRP.

Signature Treatment: Heated Microneedling by Vivace. 

Technique: “This is a service we’ve performed for a while, but just started offering it with a new service for us, PRP. ThermalActive Microneedling incorporates radio frequency energy and LED light. It contours and tightens the skin as well as stimulates collagen, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring, minimizes pore size, evens skin tone, and improves the texture and tone of the skin. PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma which we obtain by drawing your blood and placing it in a centrifuge that separates plasma from red and white blood cells. We apply the plasma during ThermalActive Microneedling to further increase collagen production, and improve fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, and skin texture.”

Pearly Whites: Dr. Ashish Patel (@nashvilledentistrycompany)

   “The Smile Savior”

Because your smile is the first thing people notice – and your best asset.

Price Range: Depends on the condition of your teeth, as services range from professional cleaning to full cosmetic dentistry.

Signature Treatment: With the KOR process for brightening teeth, we electronically fit whitening molds to the patients, using the latest technology. This system is perfect for those sensitive to typical whitening processes and Kor is permanent, so no need to worry about repeating the process. Once the incredibly thin trays are sent home with the patient, it’s a simple routine of using the effective gel for dramatic results in record time.

We Love: Televisions on the Ceiling for catching up on the latest shows while relaxing in the comfy chairs in his brand-new office. So many bells and whistles!

Tips: Always keep up with your regular dental check-ups. The more consistent you are with your routine, the healthier your mouth will be.


Nails: Annie Phimmachack (@gelhiigh)

“Picasso of Nail Art” 

Yes, she’s that skilled, and yes, she can recreate Picasso’s art on your fingernails. We’ve also heard from a little bird that she’ll even come to your home. 

Price Range: “$45 to $85 at Parlour and Juke. For house calls, prices can range from $100 for a basic regular polish/pedicure to my most popular gel mani+ art for $150. A combination of gel, mani & pedi is $350.”

Have We Seen Your Work on Anyone We Know? “I absolutely love working with Hillary Scott because she’s always down to do something fun and wild, so it’s never a boring session. Always grateful to work with Maren Morris for some of her big moments. Every now and then I’d get the opportunity to hold hands with some celebs passing through town like Kate Bosworth, who is extremely sweet, or Idina Menzel, who I enjoyed watching Amy Schumer’s Netflix special with, and I can’t forget sitting in during Kesha’s glam and jam session featuring Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show.”

Biggest Nail Trends This Year: “Biggest nail trends this year would definitely be minimal designs in general, whether it’s simple lines and dots or Picasso-inspired doodles.”

Pedicure: Claire at Poppy and Monroe (@claireatpoppy)

“Artisan of Relaxation” 

Kick up your feet and let your toes look cute with #ClaireatPoppy.

Price Range: $50-$90

Signature Pedicure: “Wellness Pedicure. This is our pride and joy at Poppy & Monroe. It includes a detoxifying charcoal mask and a citrus cardamom foot balm to help treat a variety of conditions including excessive dryness and cracked heels. We take a holistic approach with all of our services, and our Wellness Pedicure is a prime example of the healing treatments we offer.”

Biggest Pedi Trends This Year: “The French Pedi is definitely making a comeback!”

Best Nail Polish For Home: “AILA is a local brand with a great color range and amazing staying power. Plus, it’s free of harmful chemicals, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free!”

Massage: Karen Stevens at Rhapsody (@rhapsodyspanashville)

Master Masseuse”

Exhale and let that tension disappear. 

Price Range: 50 minutes Monday-Thursday: $165; 50 minutes Friday-Sunday: $175; 80 minutes Monday-Thursday: $195; 80 minutes Friday-Sunday: $205.

Signature Treatment: “The Rhapsody Signature Massage is an indulgent sensory journey that’s customized to meet the unique needs of our guests. Although low lighting, soothing music and aromatherapy are hallmarks of every massage at Rhapsody Spa, with the signature massage, guests choose an aromatic massage medium laden with mood-inducing essential oils that energize or soothe, warm or invigorate the muscles, awaken the senses or relax the mind.” 

Relaxing at Home: Candlelit hot baths including any of the following: 

  • ESPA Soothing or Restorative Bath Oil
  • Saltability Himalayan Salt Bath Soak 
  • Vital Body CBD Bath Soak
  • A few drops of chamomile, frankincense, lavender, vetiver or ylang ylang essential oil


Facials: Karee Hays (@kareehays)

“Skincare Savant”

With Karee’s hands and in-house products, perfect skin is just around the corner. 

Price Range: $250+

Signature Treatment: “The Glow Facial: deep steam cleaning, extractions (as needed), high-frequency treatment, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, lymphatic massage, and chemical peel.” 

Technique: “While the client sits back, relaxes and steams, our estheticians are analyzing their skin and asking crucial questions to get a good understanding of their skin type, current lifestyle habits, problematic areas, and long-term skin goals. The esthetician then determines the proper course of action and selects specific products to use throughout the facial ranging from our very own KH Skin Lab to other carefully chosen medical-grade products.”

Top Three Products From Your Line: “Koji Pads, Sheer Peptide Gel, Retexturize GF Nighttime Restore.”

Skincare No-no: “Skipping SPF! Sun protection is crucial for the health and integrity of our bodies inside and out. The purpose of having a morning skincare routine is to protect the skin from environmental damage we’re exposed to throughout the day.” 



Acupuncture: Emily Davidson at Ginkgo Acupuncture (@ginkgo_acupuncture)

Therapist of Inner Wellness” 

Healing you from within. Let’s get that chi balanced!

Price Range: “$75-100, but I also offer package discounts.”

Signature Treatment: “A relaxing session where we discuss your current health challenges/pain/goals for wellness. Treatment involves acupuncture needles gently inserted and may include: moxibustion (herbal heat treatment near acupuncture points), cupping when indicated for pain or certain illnesses like cough and beginning of colds.

Some Key Benefits: 

  • Reduction or elimination of chronic/acute pain.  
  • Morning sickness relief and relief of nausea with side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Allergy relief and prevention.
  • Stress relief and restoration of ‘rest and digest’ functions of the body.
  • Increasing fertility with ART (ie IVF/IUI) and natural pregnancy.
  • Immune system support and enhancement.”

Nutritionist: McKel Kooienga MS, RD, LDN of Nutrition Stripped (@nutritionstripped)

“Nutritional Wellspring” 

We can’t all be nutrition gurus, but McKel is. 

Price Range: “We have a team of Registered Dietitians and NS Wellness Coaches who see clients privately starting at $159. Unfortunately, I can’t serve everyone that inquires in a one-on-one session capacity. However, we have amazing online programs like The Method, which is basically a six-week online coaching course with me in the comfort of your own home.” 

Signature Treatment: “My 5×5 Framework, a concept I teach in my online program The Method, which can be found on”

Some Key Benefits: “Ditching the diets, trends, and plans to finally design a way of eating and living that’s completely unique to your body and lifestyle. I specialize in teaching how to connect with the mind-body, increase self-awareness, and strengthen intuition to support people’s long-term health and wellbeing.”

Physical Trainer: Kady Decker of Pure Barre (@kady_day)

Barre Bravura” 

You can take classes at her Nashville location, or she can come to you. 

Price Range: “$25 for a single class and $80-$90 for a 60-minute personal training session with me!”

Signature Workout: “Pure Barre and cardio, always.” 

Cheat Day Snack: “100% Mexican food.” 

Favorite Athleticwear Brand: “I’m a fiend for Alo Yoga!” 

Post-Workout Meal: “I tend to opt for a balanced meal of fish, rice, and salad!”

Yoga: Koula Callahan (@koulacal)

Restorer of Light” 

Let go of anything that’s dragging you down while Koula leads a 60-minute hot yoga sesh. 

Price Range: “I offer private sessions starting at $100/hour for one person and $125/hour for a couple. You can also find me teaching at Shakti Power Yoga on Tuesdays at 6 a.m. and Hot Yoga East on Fridays at 6 p.m. and Sundays at noon.”

Signature Yoga Style: “I teach alignment-based vinyasa yoga. My studio classes are based in power flow and tend to be more challenging. I believe we can learn more about ourselves when we do things we aren’t used to, and yoga is a safe way to experience that discomfort.”

Some Key Benefits: “The thing I love most about this practice is that it’s a tool everyone can access to deepen their self-understanding and self-awareness. People think you have to spend thousands of dollars on therapy retreats to access positive growth in your life, but you’d be shocked at the transformation available through a consistent yoga and meditation practice. Yoga arms aren’t a bad plus either!”

Favorite Yoga Wear Brand: “Lululemon! I’ve tried a ton of different brands but that’s the one I always come back to. They fit the best, move the best and last the longest.”

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