Just as the long days of summer seemed like they were never going to end, suddenly the jam-packed fall event season has arrived. With the summer weather continuing, the almost immediate schedule on override came as a bit of a shock, and it meant shifting gears quickly to prepare and plan for insanely busy days and nights.

For me personally, that involved throwing an influencer baby shower at my home on a Thursday night followed by hosting a charity-auction event the following Wednesday. You can find out more about how I streamlined those tasks here. In addition to having a guest-ready home, there was a slew of work and social events that required my attention and involvement with what seemed like a non-stop ride into Stress Land. I had to craft a program for the Music City Food and Wine Festival, where I led a panel along with the founders of Casa Dragones Tequila and Lily Aldridge Parfums. Two nights of event coverage and appearances for the festival over the weekend were also part of the mix, and that was after a workweek full of assignments, interviews, revealing our new print issue, social event coverage and well, work.

My goal is always to try to find ways to keep the pressure low and to manage my time, energy and to enjoy the process rather than letting it wear me down. I used to be almost on autopilot in this situation, as it was my life, but after taking a long break from media and entertainment, I’ve discovered that I now have to find new ways to plan and prepare so that I don’t get overwhelmed or run down in the process.

It all starts with your routine. For a week where basic practices like eating healthy and staying on track with organization are challenged by a continuous flow of obligations and the temptation of cocktails and rich foods at every turn, having a solid foundation is key. I’m a big believer in not straying from certain things that I depend on to make me feel my best and this is even more important when I’m facing a particularly hectic time.


These are a few of the things I swear by to keep my mind and body in check.

Finding time to shop and cook isn’t a top priority, so I plan ahead and yes, I meal prep well in advance and freeze soups as well as making batch smoothies. But, whipping up breakfasts and lunches just isn’t going to happen when the clock is ticking. I count on supplementing and combining to load up on nutrients without missing a beat.

Loaded Coffee and Tea 

My coffee is my breakfast, and I am a Bulletproof dev.nashvilleedit.comotee at this stage. A bit of the Brain Octane Oil from the brand, a couple of scoops of Vital Proteins’ Collagen and a dash of cream fuels me until mid-day. I also do a couple of teaspoons of both the Maca Powder Adaptogen from Moon Juice and Cacao Bliss Superfood, which adds a rich mocha flavor. Give it a whirl in a mini-blender and I am ready for the day with a frothy mix of caffeine and nutrients.

When making iced tea that I drink often throughout the day, I do it by the gallon at home, using traditional tea bags for ¾ of the mixture. I add in one cup of hibiscus tea or peach detox tea and one green tea bag (I use YOGI brand) to the mix and use stevia drops to sweeten to taste and loads of fresh lemon.

Upgrade Your Water

We all know hydration is everything but upping your water intake can be even more beneficial if you add in a few extras. I premix my water bottles in advance with all kinds of things, mixing it up based on how I feel or what I know I will be eating or drinking. I keep various powders and drops on hand that just take a moment to shake up with water for an instant boost, detoxification and gut health. I try to keep Chlorophyll drops on hand for continuous internal cleansing. I also like The Beauty Chef’s Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder and Ora’s Easy Being Green as well as GoopGlow Morning Skin Super Powder. I can pick these up at Lemon Laine in East Nashville but typically stay well-stocked with both individual packets for on the go as well as larger containers at home.

Two-for-One Practices

Scheduling a bit of maintenance and self-care is key during this kind of week. Outsourcing some things you might typically do yourself not only boosts your spirits a bit but can also free up a bit of time to squeeze in a little extra time to knock out a few items on your to-do list.

Trail Blazing

Instead of your typical workout, schedule morning walks with a co-worker or someone on your radar for work communication. It’s a great way to start the day, catch up and to accomplish keeping your activity level up while also having a real conversation without interruptions. Meeting at Radnor Lake or Percy Warner Park is an easy choice, but you can do this anywhere. I am lucky enough to live within a couple of blocks of a Greenway location. These paths are also strategically located throughout town, so you can jump onto a trail even if you choose this option in the middle of the day and work in the city.

Beauty and Brains

Most of the upscale nail salons in the area provide a somewhat serene environment but don’t discourage talking among customers. I like nothing better than to take a meeting with a staff member while getting a pedicure. Turn off the phone and focus on catching up and connecting while getting your feet party-ready. Check out Paint Nail Bar in the Vertis Building in Green Hills or Poppy and Monroe in Germantown for the super-chic atmosphere and sustainable practices.

Bad hair days are never welcome when you are pressed for time and with so many options popping up in every neighborhood, booking a blowout is a breeze. I like to schedule a blowout at the beginning of the day and take along my laptop. It is amazing how many emails you can return in the time it takes a stylist to whip your hair into shape. I prefer The Dryhouse in Green Hills due to their location between my home and office as well as familiarity with their incredible staff, but also like the new DryBar in the Gulch for when being downtown is a must. Both of these established brands are opening Brentwood locations in the near future, which will make it super-convenient to all of those working in the bustling Maryland Farms district.

Commute Conversations

Most all of us have become familiar with using Uber or Lyft services for attending big events downtown to avoid parking or for late-night adventures. I find that the most productive way to utilize these services can also be during working hours when there is heavy traffic. When pushed for time and the freeways are crawling, hopping into a hired car allows you to accomplish sending messages, taking phone calls or catching up on email and also completely eliminates the stress of dealing with traffic frustrations.

While there are dozens of other ways to keep things moving, these are a few of the basics. I will be sharing more in the weeks ahead but for now, as you face your own overscheduled days, I hope that a few of these practices will help you make it through with ease.