If there is one word to describe The Nashville Edit team, it is curious, and that especially applies to discovering new things in and around our city. Instead of the typical “office breaks” that others adhere to, we choose to refresh and take a breather while learning about something new and interesting in the community. We are big on experiences verses cubicles, in fact, we are ALL about being out and about! Our initial adventure to Lemon Laine for custom-blended facial oils was definitely the right choice for turning a rainy day into the bright spot of our week. We indulged in wine (yes, that is one of the cool things about this health-oriented spot that we love) and laughed, but we also learned a few new things from our oil guru, Sasha. There is nothing like an outing with a group of friends or coworkers to boost your mood, and this locale certainly fits the bill. It’s the perfect choice when seeking an activity for a group of girlfriends, mothers and daughters, and as I learned, even couples. I returned with my boyfriend just a week later, after I found he was using my custom blend when I wasn’t looking. Thankfully, he now has his own, and he actually really enjoyed the experience, as well.

Lemon LaineThe oil bar is entertaining, offering you what you need—not product pushing. It’s refreshing to see a wellness brand that emphasizes joy, not guilt. Isn’t that what we all want from time with our friends after all?

Walking into Lemon Laine feels like walking into a candy store as a kid. The bright walls and tables of neatly displayed products pleasantly entertain you as you make your way up to the oil bar itself—a high-seated bar that offers complimentary beverages.


After taking a seat at the bar, you are handed a sheet to fill out that helps you determine your skin goals. By answering questions about our skincare routines and lifestyles, Sasha was able to get a glimpse into what kind of TLC our skin was yearning for. She then talked to us each individually, going over our areas of concern and telling us what oils are best for those concerns.

At this point, we were set free to roam around the store and sip our wine while Sasha concocted each of our “potions.” After Lemon Laineabout ten minutes, she called us all back to the bar. At each of our seats was an eclectic little jar, long golden spoon and an array of oils. She spoke to us again individually about why she chose the oils and fragrances she did, and what the benefits will be for our skin. Using the golden spoon, we dipped a little on the backs of our hands to see how the oil felt on our skin. Needless to say, we loved it!

Once we all understood which oils were chosen and why, Sasha let us roam free again as she whipped our oils into a jar for us to take home. Once the oil was ready to go in our jars, she gave us a little sheet of Lemon Laine stickers to decorate our jars with, making us feel like we really were kids again. That’s the secret to good skin, right? Youth.

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