In Tennessee, we are lucky to not have to suffer long stretches of unbearably frigid
temperatures. But that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a little extra pampering during these colder months. In our opinion—cold is cold.

Thankfully, Nashville has us covered when it comes to bearing winter temperatures by
providing uplifting wellness treatments, classes, and experiences. We love embracing self-care practices all year, but there’s something special about heated rooms, a hot cup of tea, and lighting candles that makes us appreciate these rituals even more during the winter season.

Check out our list of top five practices for self-care this season

Sweat It Out At Pure Sweat Sauna Studio

On a frigid Nashville morning nothing sounds better than simply stepping into a hot room. But besides enjoying a little extra warmth on a cold day, an infrared sauna offers many long-lasting health benefits that are especially helpful during the winter months. Infrared saunas provide detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, reduced inflammation, and deep mental and physical relaxation.

Visit Nashville’s newest infrared sauna studio in 12th South—Pure Sweat Sauna Studio—to experience state-of-the-art, full spectrum infrared saunas. This sauna lounge has an inviting and pristine environment, perfect for checking your stress at the door. While enjoying the sauna, listen to music, watch Netflix, meditate with Calm, or simply unplug.

Turn Up The Heat In Your Workout At One Of Nashville’s HOT classes

Warm up your muscles by taking one of Nashville’s many heated fitness classes. Hot yoga is a popular choice for both the workout and the benefits of reducing stress. No matter what neighborhood you live or work in, you’ll find a hot yoga studio near you. West Nashville is home to Yoga Harmony—an infrared heat yoga studio. Other Nashville favorites include Shakti Power Yoga on Music Row, Hot Yoga Plus at Elliston Place, Fahrenheit Yoga in 12th South, Hot Yoga of East Nashville, and Madison Ryan Yoga in East Nashville. There is also a beautiful new studio opening in East Nashville on February 9. Hola Yoga is the brainchild of owner Khrystyne Baltodano who has created a zen sanctuary perfect for self-care seekers.

Yoga isn’t the only heated fitness class in the city. HOTBOX features heated kickboxing classes, and the gym just opened a new location in the North Gulch. In addition to cardio-intensive kickboxing classes, HOTBOX also offers yoga and strength classes.

Banish Winter Blues At The Candle Bar

Nothing beats the cold weather slump like a creative project. Gather your friends for an outing to the Paddywax Candle Bar (locations in Berry Hill and East Nashville). While sipping wine (or hot tea for Dry January enthusiasts), learn about the candle making process and create your very own candle. The best part? You get to browse a wall of candle vessels and scents to choose from. This creative experience will boost your mood during these cold temperatures, while also bringing warmth and coziness into your home that can be enjoyed for months to come.

Beat Stress With Flourish Meditation

Meditation is another wonderful way to boost your mood during this season. While the sun still sets too early, there’s no better activity than to join a Flourish Meditation class with candles and a guided meditation to help you stay grounded and at peace. The beginning months of the year tend to be a bit busier and practicing meditation regularly can help relieve unnecessary stress.

Flourish hosts 30-minute meditation pop-up classes throughout the city. If you find yourself in Franklin, be sure to check out Flourish founder Kimberly’s vinyasa flow and restorative yoga class at Heart of Wisdom Yoga in downtown Franklin. The class will end with a signature Flourish meditation.

Warm Up With Firepot Nomadic Tea

Give your body a healthy boost that warms you up too. There’s no need to chug cold juices when you can reap many of the same health benefits through nourishing tea elixirs. Firepot Nomadic Tea in 12 th South serves up specialty teas with major wellness perks. Try the Immunity Tonic, made with hibiscus, elderberry, lemon, ginger, and honey. Other nutritional options are the ADD-ONS, like CBD oil, green adaptogen, chaga, reishi, and ashwaganda.

Spend some time in the world of tea and experience the ancient practice of Tea Ceremony. During this ceremony you will create your own daily ritual, and you’ll leave with a journal, bag of organic oolong tea, and natural seasonal incense.